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Bathroom Lighting - Get it right!

Bathrooms can be quite difficult places to get right, but they do need to be flexible. I've listed the different methods below we use to make sure you get the lighting right and make it a great place for all the different times of the day.

1 - Ensure good flexibility

The bathroom is used for a multitude of different uses throughout the day, it needs to be bright and refreshing in the morning when you first get up to get you ready for the day, warm and inviting in the evening, atmospheric for having a bath (to work with the candles!), and low level for any night time trips so it doesn't fully wake you up again!

The easiest and quickest way to do this is to have dimmers! This will allow you to adjust the fittings to the level you want at any given time, and also make the lighting more efficient - saving you money when it comes to paying the bill!

Spaces don't always need to be flooded with light, make the most of a space, take the features and light them. All the little details are generally what will make a huge difference to the overall feel of a space.

The best way to make the most of these spaces (after lighting them of course) is to separate the circuits. Not only does this allow you to create dramatic and atmospheric scenes with the main lights off; it enables you to use the lighting to its max, creating the scenes you want when you want!

And if you wanted to take it one step further than having 2/3+ switches on the wall you can use a scene set system so that all the different circuits come on at preset levels at the touch of a button and/or motion sensors.

When planning bathroom lighting think about the use throughout the different times of the year. In the winter, less natural light will be coming through any windows than during the summer so more light will be needed throughout the day etc. The lighting also needs to be easy to use for you and any guests who may use the room.

2# Mirror Lighting

Ideally mirror lighting should come from both sides and from above the mirror. Wall lights either side should be mounted around eye level (taking into account things like glare and all the people likely to use the bathroom) with some light coming from above the mirror itself. This is likely to give the best result in shadow free lighting for shaving and makeup.

A downlight fitted above the mirror by itself (although it will give you light), is very likely to produce shadowing.

In-built mirror lighting is also very popular, but also has it's limitation. Generally unless it's forward facing and giving out good light, it will need help from other lighting.

However with help from other lighting and making sure the right products are used, there are ways to achieve integrated lighting, in and behind the mirror which give a good light quality for when you need to pick out an eyelash or apply makeup.

3# Get the right fittings!

It's especially important to make sure you get the right fittings for the bathroom lighting as the wrong fittings can fail quickly if not protected correctly for the bathroom environment. Check out the regs for bathroom ligh

Our down-lights can be adjusted to suit bathroom environments, protecting them from the moisture and wet environments. And preventing any issues further down the line.

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